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VANGUARD development – complete cycle development company, interior design studio, real estate agency. Fields of activity: creation and sales of ready for living apartments,

real estate services (apartment buying, apartment sales), interior design (design of apartments, houses, etc.), apartment renovation, house renovation, furnishing and decoration

(furniture, light, bathroom equipment, doors, tile, parquet, curtains, accessories, décor, etc.), warranty and services, installment and credit.

Regions of activity – Kiev (Kyiv), New York, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.





We can grant you an installment plan for any of our completed apartments. The terms range from several months to several years. This and other conditions are to be individually discussed, but, as a rule of thumb, an advance payment (30-50%) and certain amount of interest are expected.


Quite similar scheme can also be used for the creation of a residence specifically for you. In this instance, an advance payment to us is made first. Then, we act on your behalf to purchase an apartment, accepting full responsibility for creating it and thereafter selling it to you upon completion. At that very moment you can either pay the rest of the price or we can reconcile the terms and conditions of the installment plan.


With us, installment is much more opportune than credit. We’ll surely issue an installment. We don’t need first to analyze your application and conduct a biography. We’re far more flexible in ours discussions of conditions and far more tolerant of your accidental setbacks. We are not very fond of applying penalties, and should you have some unforeseen difficulties, we’ll do our best to find a mutually beneficial solution.




We have close business relationships with several commercial banks and may help you purchase our apartments on credit. Nevertheless, the difference is that we can’t guarantee you a positive result, because not everything depends on us in that case. Anyway, we promise you to always do our best.