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VANGUARD development – complete cycle development company, interior design studio, real estate agency. Fields of activity: creation and sales of ready for living apartments,

real estate services (apartment buying, apartment sales), interior design (design of apartments, houses, etc.), apartment renovation, house renovation, furnishing and decoration

(furniture, light, bathroom equipment, doors, tile, parquet, curtains, accessories, décor, etc.), warranty and services, installment and credit.

Regions of activity – Kiev (Kyiv), New York, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.



An apartment – is quite simply a product, and thus its sale follows the same general rules of marketing and common sense. The more vigorous your actions are and the more attractive your product ‘package’ becomes, the more potential buyers will know about your apartment. Therefore, the quicker and more successful you will sell it. Nowadays, when market offers exceed market demands so dramatically, one needs to stand out somehow. Otherwise, the only way to sell is by price cutting.


This obvious principle of ‘active sales’ is used almost everywhere for juice and chocolate. But, nevertheless, for some, reason isn’t usually applied to apartment sales. All the typical apartment owner is able to do is send some information to a couple of real estate agencies, proceeding to waiting for a ‘miracle’ afterwards. When you choose this, certainly the simplest and the cheapest selling strategy, you need to understand that you will have to pay for the lack of buyers by price cutting. What's more, time is money as well. You’re told ‘if you want to sell quickly – cut the price by 25-30%’. However, there’s another way. ‘Spend 5-10% on an active promotion campaign and sell the apartment for the original price!’ What choice is better?.. It is a rhetorical question.


We highly recommend the following: inform as many agencies as you can, put advertisements on specialized sites and press, prepare the apartment for sale (re-new, redecorate), take good photos, create presentation materials (paper and electronic), maybe even a special site; then, be prepared to answer on any calls, speak friendly and competently, give all the needed information, make a personal presentation, etc. You need to stand out! We can help you if you want (see the sample here).