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VANGUARD development – complete cycle development company, interior design studio, real estate agency. Fields of activity: creation and sales of ready for living apartments,

real estate services (apartment buying, apartment sales), interior design (design of apartments, houses, etc.), apartment renovation, house renovation, furnishing and decoration

(furniture, light, bathroom equipment, doors, tile, parquet, curtains, accessories, décor, etc.), warranty and services, installment and credit.

Regions of activity – Kiev (Kyiv), New York, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.



We implement all our work with exactness and provide rigorous supervision of both design and technology. Upon apartment completion, we conduct a multilevel testing of all the systems, equipment and even the furniture.


Everyone knows, the perfect without any mistakes is rare. We try very hard, but occasionally one or two things may be overlooked. It happens.


Point is, that every apartment is a completely unique. It is not similar to any other and combines variety of technologies and materials.


Speaking typically, some mistakes or malfunctions may be found. Over time, maintenance checkups and preventive measures will be needed. Or possibly, you may decide to change, renew or add something. You may have some questions that involve your neighbors, building authorities or other services. Not to mention, monthly payments coming due (e.g. water, electricity, television, internet).


Most importantly, you need to remember, all you have to know is our telephone number.


During all the years of your living in the apartment, we’ll solve any questions related to it; quickly and effectively.


We also guarantee correction any defect found throughout your first year of living: for free.