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VANGUARD development – complete cycle development company, interior design studio, real estate agency. Fields of activity: creation and sales of ready for living apartments,

real estate services (apartment buying, apartment sales), interior design (design of apartments, houses, etc.), apartment renovation, house renovation, furnishing and decoration

(furniture, light, bathroom equipment, doors, tile, parquet, curtains, accessories, décor, etc.), warranty and services, installment and credit.

Regions of activity – Kiev (Kyiv), New York, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.

Project «Minor Homeland»

 ïđîåệ ïîä êëèåị́à

Decorating and re-furnishing project.


A house seemed to be fully finished and furnished, actually was rather a set of separate furniture, fixture and bathroom equipment items then a complete right Interior.


There was a lot of criticism to renovation and finishing quality as well.


We started the project and worked out the complex re-design, re-furnishing and re-decorating solution. We added and replaced some items, intensified all that with necessary décor, kept (supported, supplemented) style and color. We made the house livelier, cozier and more convenient, dynamic and modernly eclectic residence with elements of national ethnics and European modern. In short, we put the house to rights, brought to him proper complete look which totally corresponded with the owner’s soul and essence – modern European family that remembers and honors its eastern background.


As a form of idea visualization we used not a usual 3d-designing, but artistic sketches which were the most reasonable manner in that case (quicker and cheaper).